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We're (almost) back!

With the constant closing and re-opening of Ontario, it feels like we're getting used to being in a state of lockdown limbo.

A lot of escape rooms have found ways to go "virtual" - which we have absolutely thought about doing in the past, but the main focus of Niagara Escapement is to bring the NERDs together, face to face - even if that means closing our escape room doors and waiting until we're allowed to host games again. The one bonus of this most recent lockdown was its timing. We've been running our "seasonal" Top Secret Santa - Double Ho Seven game for the better part of a year, and it would've been a challenge to justify closing it down while we could still take bookings, rather than building in the other spaces that we still haven't occupied. Within a couple of days into our 2022 shut down, we decided it was time to do just that. Our designer has always wanted to build a "Honeymoon Suite" style game (being in Niagara Falls, this fits perfectly and we can hit SO many silly tropes regarding tourism and Niagara in general within the room) So, we're re-opening with our Easy Bake Coven room and extensive board game lounge, and working on two brand new experiences for all of our local fans to come enjoy, since we figured you'd have already played both of the others. Announcements soon to come across our social networks when we start playtesting the new experiences! We can't wait to see you back.

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