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Niagara Escapement FAQ


What is an escape room? 

Escape rooms are themed, timed experiences with puzzles which groups solve in order to drive forward a story, or complete an objective before time runs out.

Is it scary?

Nope! Some escape rooms are scary on purpose, but we want our rooms to be accessible to anyone that would like to play, so we design our rooms to be atmospheric and witty, rather than scary. 

Is there an age limit?  

While there is no age limit for our games, they are designed for adults. The minimum age to play in our rooms alone is 13.  You may bring anyone of any age, but please keep in mind that there may not be much for players under 8 years of age to do. 
We highly suggest allowing young players to search the room and open locks. 

Am I really being locked in a room?

Nope! You are free to leave the room through the door that we let you in through at any point through the game's duration, for any reason. Any doors which exit the room are either unlocked, or have an emergency release beside them. You are never being held in any space within our establishment against your will. 

Do you have parking?

Yes! Our parking is located on the right side of our building, at the intersection of Valley Way and Victoria avenue. It is right beside the auction house which is attached to us. 

My group is running late! What happens now? 

Uh oh! Please call us immediately to let our staff know that your group is running behind, we will be able to adjust and inform you of any changes that may need to happen to your experience depending on how late your group will be. 

Your hours say you close at X:XX but I'd like to book for X:XX, what's up with that?

Yes!  We list the hours online to reflect our Gaming lounge and earliest closing availability, but we do have time slots for our escape rooms available earlier and later than our listed open times. If you book outside of our advertised hours - we will be here for you! 

Still have questions?

Get in touch so we can have some fun!

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