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Summer Adventure Camp 


For the adventuring spirit 

At adventure camp, our 12 - 16 year old adventurers will take on the role of a fantasy hero, working together to defeat monsters, solving complex puzzles, and exploring the world we’ve laid out for them. All they need to do is show up ready to have a fun time.


Adventure camp is for and by the adventuring spirit. Our camp utilizes Dungeons and Dragons to train creative storytelling, problem solving, social skills, and a little bit of math tucked in there. Heroes will be taught the basics with long-time d&d veterans, able to take what they learn here and bring it out into the world. We pride ourselves on creating a space for nerdy kids to be themselves, and through teamwork, find friendships along the way. Ultimately, Adventure Camp has the team building skills of a sport camp, with the fun of reading your favourite story book. But of course the best part, is you!


Excited to start adventuring with you!

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How to enroll 

Send an email to to inquire. 

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