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The 5 best social board games

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

After the past bit of staying in with our loved (or not so much) ones at home - it's finally looking to be time that we can socialize again!

This is why I've decided to compile a list of the best social games, along with a small review for each one - this way you can get an idea of something to do with your friends when you get together.

Playing board games is an amazing way to stimulate your brain, and bond with the people you're playing with!

1. Codenames

-Why it's great?

Anyone can play codenames, it is super easy to teach and learn - plus the price point and available options for theming (Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Two-player, Marvel...) make the game a MUST HAVE for everyone's collection, and a great starter if you don't already have one!

2. Just One

Why it's great?

Just one is ridiculously fun for such a simple concept, everytime I play - I never want to stop! Recommended for 4+ players, the more the merrier. Word slam provides one team with JUST ONE word for the other team to guess. Each member of the team has a mini whiteboard, and writes down JUST ONE word to help the other team guess. Any duplicates are ELIMINATED :o

Are you ready to see how well you know eachother based on what you think your teammates will write down for their clue?

3. Word Slam

Why it's great?

Word slam is the most energetic and hectic social game I've come across so far. Players are split into 2 teams and each team captain is provided with something (seriously, something is the best way to describe it - can be anything from someone to a movie to a concept) Team captains have a PILE of cards to start putting onto a board for their team to read, and the team guesses what they're trying to portray! I could seriously play this game every single day with the right group.

4.Magic Maze

Why it's great?

At the end of this game your entire group will be asking themselves if you're still friends...while wanting to play again. Your group is moving around a board in different ways assigned by the game (some players can move up and down, left and right, or travel by portals and elevators) in order to perform a heist! The only catch? You can't talk.

That's right, this is real teambuilding.

5. My City

Why it's great?

Any legacy game is amazing for social purposes - they give you a great excuse to continue to get together with the same gaming group and create a campaign style board gaming experience.

If you have never played a legacy style game and you're interested in learning about how to play them and how they work, this is a perfect introduction.

Tetris style pieces are laid down on your ever changing board to create YOUR CITY.

Don't think any of these would appeal to your group?

Reach out to us with your game style and interests and we can chat about what might work for your next social gathering!

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