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Niagara Escapement The Tavern

Event Spaces

Looking for a place to host your next game night or small corporate event?

Email us to reserve

 The Tavern and The Cavern event space and rest easy knowing that you have a great space to invite up to 20 of your team members for your next gathering!

4 player minimum

$5/ player Monday - Thursday
$50 flat rate on Friday and Saturday



We also offer themed events including Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons and specific board game styles for players of all ages and skill levels.

Join us on Meetup to keep up to date with scheduled events by clicking below

Our themed party space seats up to 12 players and is fully equipped with a sound system as well as a TV to project/cast your entertainment onto.

Choose from any of our 700+ games in our lounge’s library to play in these spaces, bring your own games or just socialize!

Fresh & local baked goods, hot drinks, soft drinks and craft beers available at our nerd cafe & lounge. 

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