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Harry Potter! Co-op! Deck Builder! Oh my!!

Harry Potter: Hogwart's Battle Difficulty: Progressive, cooperative campaign style Suggested age range: 11+ Suggested group size: 4

Play as one of your favourite wizarding children in this cooperative, deck building game. Harry Potter Hogwart's Battle pins you and your classmates [Ron, Hermione, Harry or Neville - and my personal favourite, Luna Lovegood, with our monster box of monsters expansion] against a series of evil threats that lurk within or around the prestigious wizarding school of Hogwart's. This game is designed to teach young or new players how a cooperative deck building game works, and features a campaign style of play to keep your group coming back to the table for more. Due to the nature of the campaign style, the game teaches the players as they play, and progressively imposes more challenges and threats against them.

The cards and art in this game are beautifully crafted, and there is a ton of content to check out with the expansion as well! *We do not have any copies of Hogwart's Battle for sale currently (we sold them out this weekend, oops!) , but we do have a copy in our library to play!

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