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The birth of "NERDs" [Niagara Escapement Room Design]

It's not easy to come up with a name for a new business or company, so how did we develop 'Niagara Escapement' and start calling our fans (you!) Nerds? Previously part of "The Crux" team - their name was a very smart move. Short, concise and to the point. Easy enough to search on google, but the name doesn't actually tell you what they do, or give you any insight as to what they're about. When we parted from The Crux, it was decided that we would do things a bit differently on purpose. We wanted to completely re-brand our escape rooms as something new, exciting and accessible. We will also take any opportunity to make our friends and fans giggle when we're chatting with them. We love puns, and we love dad jokes.

We knew that we wanted the name to have something to do with a local attraction, and escapement became the perfect name when we found out that it is actually a part within a clock, as well as a great pun on the "Niagara Escarpment" Admittedly, marketing hasn't been the easiest with a name so close to another huge local and natural attraction, but it never fails to start a conversation surrounding the entire local area and what we enjoy and are into - and that's really the main point of a business. Regarding you NERDs - that's our design team, which yes - includes each and every one of you reading this. If you've ever experienced one of our games, hung out in our lobby to refresh or play a game - you've involved yourself in our room design experience. We very carefully facilitate each group in a particular way to ensure that they have the absolute best experience possible with us, and gather as much feedback as possible from our visitors. So welcome to the room design team, Nerds!

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