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Ever wondered what it's like to be a butterfly?

Mariposas Difficulty: 2 Learning curve: 1 Suggested age range: 8 - 55

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a butterfly? Migrating through the skies together, collecting pollen and going through the life cycle from caterpillar to full on butterfly.

You can find out now by picking up a copy of one of the most beautiful summer games, Mariposas. If you've seen or played wingspan, you know this game will be absolutely beautiful since it was designed by the same person!

In Mariposas, your butterflies are racing through their life cycle - and to the top of the board.

This is a set collection game in which you pull random tiles to strategically move your butterflies around the board, collecting nectars and more butterflies as you go.

This game is quick to play, and very easy to teach. If you're looking to get kids or new gamers into board games - Mariposas is a fantastic option!


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